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My name is Melanie C.  On June 12, 2012 I was in a horse accident that resulted in me fracturing my C5 & C6.  The accident left me a quadriplegic.

After I left the hospital, I started outpatient physical therapy two days a week.  The 45 minute sessions that insurance paid for just wasn't enough.  My Mom heard about an exercise place that focused on people with paralysis (along with other disabilities) called Pushing Boundaries, located in Redmond, WA.  She immediately signed me up.

When I first started there, I was only able to sit by myself unassisted for about a minute, lift my arms past my head or pull myself up when laying on my back.  After a little over a year of therapy I am able to pull myself up, lift my arms over my head (with weights in my hands!) and not only sitting by myself without assistane for as long as I want, I also throw some punches while sitting!  I am also using my manual chair more and more.

Pushing Boundaries also has the Lokomat and ERGYS bike that I am able to use during my two hour sessions.

Because of my hard work and the hard work of the trainers there, my core muscles and upper body became strong enough to get on a horse again!

With this award from Dreams of Recovery, I will be able to continue my exercise sessions at Pushing Boundaries for a few more months.

Thank you Dreams of Recovery!


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