Kevin C

I was blessed with a great team of doctors and rehab staff, and fortunately mine was an incomplete (meaning the spinal cord was not completely severed).  I have regained a lot of mobility and am able to walk with a cane and drive but I still struggle with posture, balance, spacticity, strength, endurance....I tend to fall easily and when I do I cannot get up without help.

Receiving a grant from the Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation is a tremendous blessing as it will allow me to be able to enroll in an exercise therapy program designed to build much more strength and stamina, as well as the ability to help myself when I need it.  I'll be able to be more active and not have to rely on others as much for many of my chores, etc.

I am amazingly excited to get started in the program and find out just how close I can get back to where I want to be!

Thank you!

Kevin C

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