Bryan's Thank You Letter

To The Cindy Donald & The Dreams of Recovery Foundation,

I'd like to thank you and everyone that had a hand in helping raise money for people with spinal cord injuries. Foundations like this really care about and help people that no longer qualify for government assistance. I was lucky enough to receive a RT300 therapy bicycle from The Dreams of Recovery Foundation that will dramatically improve the quality of my life. Something as simple as a blood clot can be dangerous to me and to anyone in my situation. Among the many things it improves, the RT300 therapy bike exponentially decreases that risk by improving my
blood circulation. One thing I didn't expect was how it makes me feel personally. I feel rejuvenated and confident after every workout. Just like I used to before my injury.

Finally, and most importantly, I'd personally like to thank Cindy
Donald. She has been a great person, a better friend and an advocate for people with spinal cord and brain injuries. Cindy is a true inspiration to me all who know her.

Thanks again to Cindy Donald & The Dreams of Recovery Foundation and all of its supporters.

Bryan Jones 

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