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In June 2009, I suffered a spinal cord infarct during surgery, severe spinal cord compression before surgery.  Was paralyzed from the waist down with gradual return of sensation after almost 3 years of therapy at Journey Forward.

My daughter learned about The Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation and we applied for assistance.    In a note from Gabe's wife:  "On behalf of myself and Gabe, we wish to personally thank you for the overwhelming joy you gave us when you awarded Gabe with your grant to Journey Forward.  It was our daughter Michele who found your organization on-line and helped him apply for it, so she was speechless when he told her that you awarded the therapy to him.  That will make a huge difference in his recovery, as Journey Forward has been so beneficial to his recovery since he started there.  It's truly a gift from God that has kept us going.....but we have received so many blessings from our Church Family, friends near and far and now your organization - it's been overwhelming joy".

             Swimming, not Drowning

My father jokes, stands, prays and lives.  He is able, strong, and cannot walk.  So what?

Like Billy, like those with the injured hands, like Larry, and the wheelchair dancer, he copes the best he can.

It may seem like he is drowning to the untrained eye, but he is swimming.  He is smiling, sometimes hurting, and dancing.

I look at him, in awe and wonder.  Would I be able to cope as he does?

Would I be able to think positively?  Interact socially, or distance myself from the pain?

Would I cry uncontrollaby?  Would I advocate like Billy?  Would I persevere like my Daddy?  Would I sing on stage like Larry?  I don't know.

I would hope to not lay blame.  I would hope to lean on my brothers and sisters.

I would hope to inspire, and hope to not feel sorry for myself.

Like Billy, like those with injured hands, like the wheelchair dancer, and like my father,

I would hope to swim and not drown.

                                                       Michele P Alt

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