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My name is Barry, I was injured in June 2008 by a would be carjacker who stuck his gun into my car, it went off and traveled from my shoulder into my back.  At the time I was diagnosed as a T10 complete, 18 monhts later, diagnosed as a T12 incomplete.  God is moving!  It's been almost 5 years now since this happened to me, I've gained over 30 pounds, my legs are stiff and I've had blood clots in the past. 

I wrote Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation about 18 months ago requesting support.  They have responded generously with this incredible gift, an Easy Glider Stander.  I am grateful, thankful and very appreciative for the Cindy Donald Dreams of Recovery Foundation.

I believe this stander will help me lose weight, increase my blood flow and bone density with weight bearing.  It has already revised hope and recovery in my spirit.

Thank you Cindy!

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